Table: editions

25989Edmund Gooch2012-04-192012-04-19The alto part is printed in the source in the treble clef, an octave above sounding pitch. The first verse only of the text is given in the source: three subsequent verses have been underlaid editorially. The following notes are printed as small grace notes in the source, and have been written out editorially: bar 1, soprano D and E{{Flat}}; bar 2, tenor C; bar 7, tenor E{{Flat}}; bar 8, tenor C and D; bar 13, beat 2, alto E{{Flat}}.76054O Lord, thou hast me tried and known (Joseph Key)O Lord, thou hast me tried and knownJoseph Key2021-07-26 09:18:52

Table: files

25989.3KeyJ-OLordThouHastMe.mxl25989internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}} 2021-07-26 09:18:52
25989.1KeyJ-OLordThouHastMe.pdf25989internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}} 43Public DomainA412021-07-26 09:18:52
25989.4KeyJ-OLordThouHastMe.sib25989internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}(Sibelius 7)2021-07-26 09:18:52
25989.2KeyJ-OLordThouHastMe.mid25989internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}} 2021-07-26 09:18:52