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25488Edmund Gooch2012-01-262012-01-26The source uses alto and tenor clefs for the alto and tenor parts respectively. The parts are identified in the source as Canto - Alto - Tenor - Bass - Organ. The organ part is given in full, without figuring, in the source: the title page refers to 'an Accompaniment for the Organ, or Piano Forte'. The first- and second-time bar markings at bars 22-23 have been added editorially: the source has a repeat at this point, but without any shortening of the syllable '-vants' on the second time round. The natural signs on the B in the vocal bass and keyboard accompaniment left-hand part on beat 3 of bar 13 have been added editorially: these notes have no accidental in the source.73147Let thy merciful ears (George Maximilian Slatter)Let thy merciful earsGeorge Maximilian Slatter2020-08-01 22:53:31

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