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22685Edmund Gooch2010-11-222010-11-22This edition is based on the second edition of Knapp's ''New Church Melody'' (1754). Original clefs treble, alto, treble, bass. The first and second time bar markings over bars 33-45 and 46-63 are used to indicate the repeating of the chorus (bars 12-32), marked in the source with the textual note 'Sing the Chorus again Ascribe unto the Lord &c.'. The natural accidental on the G on beat 3 of bar 136 in the alto part is an editorial addition: in the source, this note has no accidental.62708Bring unto the Lord, O ye mighty (William Knapp)Bring unto the Lord, O ye mightyWilliam Knapp2020-07-30 19:03:39

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