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18978Jim Cooke2009-03-012009-03-01French Text. Source of publication: Hamelle. 1) Piano - stray ties in bb11-12 now agree with bb31-34 & 83-86. 2) Tenor b15 - mf moved to second quarter from 2nd eighth of b16. Sim. sop. in bar 35. Both now agree with the position of mf in tenor bar 87. Cresc. hairpins in the bars preceding moved up a beat to begin on the word 'Aimez'. 3) Some harpins replace 'cresc.' and editorial dynamics are in square brackets. 4) Punctuation added as per poem.2166Madrigal, Op. 35 (Gabriel Fauré)Madrigal, Op. 35Gabriel Fauré2021-07-24 14:50:42

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18978.2Faure-Madrigal.mid18978internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}} 2021-07-24 14:50:42
18978.1Faure-Madrigal.pdf18978internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}} 187CPDLA4122021-07-24 14:50:42