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18970Jim Cooke2009-02-262009-02-26Source - Piae Cantiones, where the refrain melody is in the Tenor (see the Lutheran hymn 'Danket dem herren'). The alto second syllable of 'virginae' is a tone lower in the source (Piae Cantiones ed. Woodward)and I suspect it was ficta practice to flatten these as in the second edition - Rostock 1625). ''Piae Cantiones'' does not provide a melody for the verses, the present one is as recorded by Steeleye Span. In the spirit of this oral tradition this well-known version has been adapted for {{cat|SAATTBB}}3234Gaudete (Anonymous)GaudeteAnonymous2023-01-31 19:06:11

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18970.1Gaudete.pdf18970internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}} 72CPDLA422023-01-31 19:06:11