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10882Andreas Stenberg2006-01-30This edition is a diplomatic edition of two different settings based on the same Dutch folksong: Jacobus Clemens non Papas, Souterliedeken psalm xxxiiij: Verordelt o Heer and Tielman Susatos, Chanson O wrede Fortune ghy . Editorials are kept to a bare minimum and text spellings are not modernised or conflated. Text underlay as near the original print as possible.16443Verordeelt o heer ick bid u straffen wilt (Psalm 34) (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)Verordeelt o heer ick bid u straffen wilt (Psalm 34)Jacobus Clemens non Papa2017-02-27 13:18:28

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10882.1OwredeSamlDipl.pdf10882internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}626CPDLA4 (landscape)72017-02-27 13:18:30