Elegies upon the death
of a Master or friend
      A tradition from at least the start of the Burgundian School of music
 masters, the elegy carried over into the English School, if not the Italian
 German schools. What follows on this page are those elegies I have found  
 written by Flemish and English composers upon the death of a Master or, in
 the case of th Weelkes piece,friend or Master, usually on the day the writer
 learned of the death. These ae also presented on the usual page for the
 composer, but are here presented on the same page for convenience. I have
 here presented them only in NoteWorthy format, and to read that you will
 need the
NoteWorthy Viewer 2 found here.

William Byrd
Ye Sacred Muses
Upon the death of Thomas Tallis  
Josquin des Prez
Nymphes de bois
Upon the death of Johannes Ockeghem  
Johannes Ockeghem
Mort tu as navré de ton dart
Upon the death of Gilles Binchois  
Jacob van Vaet
Continuo lacrimas
Upon the death of  Jacob Clemens non Papa  
Thomas Weelkes
Death Hath Deprived Me
for his friend. Thomas Morley